Are you looking for an internship or mentorship program? Then, look no further!

I-Koach Fitness is a personal training and semi private training studio located in Edwardsville, Illinois, and it is home to many individuals looking to take their fitness and sports performance to the next level. Our internship program hires the most passionate and committed individuals interested in gaining the knowledge and experience to create GREATNESS in themselves and in others. 

Many of our interns come to us through the Kinesiology department at Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville, and all of our interns are volunteers. We only offer a coaching position to a competitive intern that will show a positive impact to our community and will continue to strive towards the fitness industry. 

The I-Koach Fitness internship program is very robust and exposes you to many areas in the fitness profession. Below are some of the highlights that you will experience during your time here with us!

Over the 12-week internship a total of 180+ hours of instruction with the I-Koach Fitness personal training and small group training curriculum, in addition to administrative and marking strategies that include:

  • Teach you all the knowledge and skills to lead a personal training or small group training session properly and safely.
  • Help you understand the appropriate coaching techniques to successfully instruct a group fitness class.
  • Introduce you to the Functional Movement Screen as well as help you learn more about other fitness and nutrition certifications available. 
  • Learn more about all of the Precision Nutrition coaching philosophies

Properly guide you on how to correctly perform all movement patterns, including Olympic lifts. 

  • Overall understanding of a basic dynamic warm-up, corrective exercise, and self-myofascial work.
  • Proper understanding of energy system development and metabolic conditioning. 
  • Help you attain the right certifications and continuing education components. 
  • A 12-week course that includes reading, writing, and video reviews. 
  • Weekly hands-on class setting learning. 
  • And so much more!

The I-Koach Fitness internship will require a minimum of 2-shifts/12 hours a week, including a mandatory hour-long weekly meeting. 

This elite-level internship is for serious individuals looking to enter the field of sports performance and personal training. You will have the opportunity to observe and coach a very diverse group of people. You will leave this internship with the knowledge and ability to immediately begin training and coaching at a high level. 

Standout performers in this program may be considered candidates for hire at I-Koach Fitness. 

If you are interested and passionate to learn, please send a cover letter and resume to:

Ioannis Katrantzis, Founder & Owner:

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